1 preposition
1 above or higher than something, without touching it: A lamp hung over the table. | She leaned over the desk to answer the phone. | The sign over the door said `Mind your head'.
—opposite under 1 (1), —see also: above 1, across 1
2 on something, so that it is covered: Over the body lay a thin white sheet. | She wore a large jacket over her sweater.
—opposite under 1 (1)
3 from one side of something to the other side of it: Somehow the sheep had jumped over the fence. | The road over the mountains is steep and dangerous.
4 over on also over BrE on the opposite side of something from where you already are: We live over on the other side of town.
5 down from the edge of something: Apparently the car fell over a cliff. | The shirt was hanging over the back of the chair.
6 in many parts of a particular place, organization etc: I've travelled over most of Europe but my favourite place was Austria. | all over (=in every part): They said they had cleaned up but there were bottles all over the place.
7 be over sth to feel better after an illness or bad situation: I think I'm over the worst of it now.
8 in control of someone or having authority to give orders to someone: He rules over a large kingdom. | In this office there is one manager over a staff of 15 workers.
—opposite under 1 (9)
9 more than a particular number, amount or level: I've lost over 3 kilos in weight. | Children over 12 are not allowed in the swimming area. | The driver was found to have over the legal alcohol limit in his blood. | the over-30s/the over-50s etc (=people who are more than a particular age): a social club for the over-60s
10 during: Will you be home over the Christmas vacation? | Over a period of ten years he stole a million pounds from the company. | Can we talk about this over dinner?
11 using something such as a telephone or radio: I don't want to talk about this over the telephone.
12 about a particular subject, person or thing: He's having problems over his income tax. | a row over public expenditure
13 over and above an amount that is over and above another is an extra amount: He gets a travel allowance over and above his existing salary.
—see also: all over all 2 (7) 2 adverb
1 fall over/knock sth over etc to fall etc so that you are lying down or knock something etc so that it is flat on a surface after being upright: He was so drunk he fell over in the road. | knock sth etc so that it is: A lot of work is being done to prevent the tower from toppling over.
2 bend over/fold sth over etc to bend etc so that you are no longer upright or fold something etc so that it is no longer straight or flat and is folded in the middle: As Sheila bent over, a sudden pain shot up her back. | He silently folded the paper over and put it in his pocket.
3 (only after verb) from one side of something to the other side: There are only 3 canoes so some people will have to swim over. | I went over to say hello but Vincent didn't recognize me. | over to/from: We flew over to the US to visit my Aunt Polly. | I took her over to Saginaw because she had a doctor's appointment.
4 (only after verb) to or in a particular house, city etc: You really should come over and see our new house.
5 hand over/sign over etc to give something to another person: The attacker was ordered to hand over his weapon and lie on the ground. | Most of the money has been signed over to his children.
6 change over/swap over if you change two things over you put one of the things in the place of the other: The vases had been swapped over and nobody had spotted the fake. | The guards change over at midnight.
7 turn over/roll over if you turn something over you move it so that the side of it which could not be seen can now be seen: Turn the page over. | The children spent hours rolling over and over in the sand.
8 twelve years/90% etc and over more than 12 years, 90% etc: The film is suitable for people of 18 and over. | Sorry, this agency only deals with properties worth $200,000 and over.
—opposite under 1 (2)
9 a particular amount of something that is over is what remains after some of it has been used: We were over by about $300! | left over: We had so much food left over we donated it to charity.
10 covered over/painted over etc covered with a particular substance or material: Most of the windows have been boarded over.
(+ with): The door had been painted over with a bright red varnish.
11 read/think/talk etc sth over to read something, think about something etc very carefully before deciding what to do: After talking it over with my wife, I've decided to retire.
12 over and over (again) repeatedly: The only way to learn the script is to say it to yourself over and over again.
13 over to sb used to say that it is now someone else's turn to do something, to speak etc: I've done my best. Now it's over to the professionals. | We're going over live to our correspondent at the scene of the explosion.
14 over! spoken used when using a radio to show that you have finished speaking
15 over against compared to someone or something else
—see also: all over all 2 (6) 3 adjective (not before noun)
1 if an event or period of time is over, it has finished: When the game was over all the players shook hands.
2 be over (and done) with if an unpleasant situation or experience is over with, it has finished: We don't have to mention the court case again! It's all over and done with now. | get sth over (and done) with (=to do something so that the situation no longer exists): The sooner you get it over with the better so phone up and make the appointment.
4 noun (C) the period of time in the game of cricket (2) during which six or eight balls are thrown by the same bowler (1) in one direction

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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